Our Success Stories

Our Success Stories

I would like to thank DataHelp for working with us to produce a comprehensive data protection, privacy and confidentiality policy. Our aim was to produce a policy document that was tailored for our needs but, most importantly, covered all the legal and regulatory requirements and we have achieved that with Robert Wassall’s invaluable help and assistance. Robert has an impressive command of his subject and an approachable style coupled with attentiveness to detail. With DataHelp we completed the process much faster than we thought.

Elizabeth Fathi

Chief Executive, Tiverton Almshouse Trust

“Your presentation was excellent and engaging.As an organisation we now feel we have an overview of the issues to address and have started to commence this process. In moving forward we realise that there are some quick fixes but that most require cultural change, so we are now on the journey to better protect both our service users and stakeholders.”

Debra Harrison


“I am happy to recommend Robert, who had the tough job of presenting two condensed sessions of data protection to both staff and Board. Both went well and proved very valuable as a result of Robert’s knowledge of the topic and flexible delivery.”

Martyn Pearl

Deputy CEO

“We needed to sharpen up our approach to Data protection and ensure that we were taking the right actions in handling our data. Robert came along and gave a first class interactive training discussion on some the issues that we should have at the forefront of our minds when considering data. His easy, relaxed and interactive approach ensured that what one might typically describe as a dry subject was easy to absorb. We had excellent feedback from the participants. Since the training we have a much clearer of picture of the areas that we need to concentrate our efforts on . Very worthwhile and I would definitely recommend.”

Mark Perry


“Robert presented to us a very useful (and entertaining!) seminar on data protection that greatly increased our awareness of this difficult subject and raised a number of issues for us. This led to an action plan being drawn up to address a number of issues which Robert brought to our attention and he will also be helping us to update our data protection policy. I am happy to recommend Robert to any organisation for his in-depth knowledge about data protection.”

Annette Lewis-Gow

Finance Director

“We gave Robert a difficult task. We asked he explain to a group of our employees from senior management to front line staff, what we needed to do to meet the requirements of the Data Protection Act and also what we needed to know in regard to confidentiality. In addition, we asked him to draft a privacy notice which we now use on all our customer facing forms.”

“Robert delivered a ½ day training session that was both informative and entertaining; no mean feat considering the subject matter. He was able to provide information that was useful to all levels of our organisation, which was something we were keen to achieve. What we’ve learnt has made a real difference and we are feeling more confident about the way we handle and share data and deal with confidential information.”

“I would thoroughly recommend Robert if you are looking to ensure your organisation is compliant with the DPA.”

Nigel Lucas


“Data protection is a one of those daunting compliance matters that every organisation has to get absolutely right. That means much more than just having policies and procedures in place; it’s also about embedding in everyone’s thinking the need to protect people’s privacy and rolling that out through the organisation. This can be especially challenging if you deal with vulnerable adults as we do.

“Robert absolutely knows his stuff and provides great practical advice in an informal style that anyone can understand and relate to.”
“I used Robert to carry out a data protection audit, part of which involved him walking around our sites, observing what we did and talking with staff. He identified several issues including our use of CCTV that resulted in an action plan for our organisation.”

“Our next forays with Robert will be at one of our board days and to deliver staff training. I’m actually looking forward to these sessions and I am very happy to recommend Robert to any organisation keen to ensure they understand and comply with their obligations and responsibilities under data protection law.”

Anne Taylor


“We asked Robert to do a half-day session on data protection to the management team of around thirty people. We felt that the difficulties were always going to be keeping the subject interesting and managing the expectations of a very varied audience who all had different objectives that they wanted to get out of the session. Robert succeeded on both counts. The audience were genuinely engaged and everyone walked away feeling they had learnt something useful and necessary. This was down to Robert’s excellent knowledge of the area and his entertaining style of delivery. We will be inviting Robert back again.”

Nazar Al-Khalili

Executive Director-Finance

“I have recently written a Data Protection Policy for my organisation and I am very grateful to Robert for his valuable advice and guidance during this process. I have found his knowledge on the subject of data protection extremely helpful and informative and am very happy to recommend Robert to anyone seeking professional legal guidance in this area.”

Jane Smith

Operations Director