Data protection for frontline care staff

trainingBoth adult and children’s residential care homes process information about their residents in paper and electronic form. This can include initial referrals, background information, care plans or sometimes sensitive medical information such as medication requirements.

In September 2015 the ICO published its findings from visits it made to residential care homes. The report said: “Training is a key tool for any organisation in ensuring that staff are aware of their responsibilities for data protection.” However, the ICO found was little formal data protection training in the care homes it visited and that where training did take place, ” it tended to focus on care standards for the use of information rather than data protection requirements.”

This short seminar will explain why data protection law is important for staff, the organisation they work for and those that they care for. It will explain about the rights of people to see the information the care provider has about them, when and how information can be shared and with whom, the need to secure files of those being looked after, the interaction between confidentiality and data protection and the retention of medical and other records.


Those who deliver care and support to people in residential and care homes and other care environments.