Keeping children safe online

The ability to go ‘online’ has opened up all kinds of positive opportunities for children as they grow, but also, unfortunately, the possibility of considerable harm.

This means that any organisation that has an online presence should ensure it is provided with online child safety in mind. This will not instill confidence not only in parents/guardians but also benefit advertisers and investors who in turn need to consider their own reputational risks by association.

Online child safety requires several key safety principles to be taken into consideration, including privacy and controls. This means that organisations should:

  • Only collect personal data that is actually needed for the service
  • Make clear what information will be collected, why and how long it will be kept.
  • Give users reasonable choices about how to use their personal information
  • Offer privacy settings options, including privacy-by-default, to give control to users.
  • Involve parents/ if when collecting personal data from under -18s
  • For under -13s have stricter privacy measures to help them understand the implications of sharing information.