Are You Ready For The GDPR?

Is your organisation compliant with the GDPR?

You can find out fast with our easy-to-use ‘GDPR Assessment Report Portal’. Once completed, your responses will be assessed and a detailed report will be produced identifying current compliance failures and immediate risks to your business. This will then be verified by a UK lawyer who is a data protection specialist.

Our report will:

● Provide you with a ‘Gap’ analysis between what you are doing now and the requirements of the GDPR

● Identify the scale of the challenge you are facing, making it easier to accurately assess the time, resources and costs that you will need to set aside and budget for

● Allow you to understand which parts of the GDPR have the greatest impact on your organisation and so identify what you should give priority to in your GDPR planning process

All for only £499 (ex VAT)

Please note, we have partnered with another organisation, Thinkmarble, to power our GDPR Assessment Report Portal. Thinkmarble provide cyber-security products and services that will help protect your business.

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