We understand that data protection is a real and immediate risk that needs to be addressed in a more holistic way than it has been in the past. It should be a strategic risk issue for management and boards and not just something to be left to ‘the IT guys’

We know that technological developments continue to challenge and change the way organisations operate. All organisations, whatever their size and whatever sector they operate in, collect more and more data about their customers, employees and other individuals. This data is a highly valuable business asset that most organisations  depend on to carry out their day-to-day activities.

We know that people are becoming more concerned about how secure their data is with organisations and are more distrustful of sharing data. We also know that people are more aware of their rights in relation to the protection of their personal information and are increasing likely to want compensation in the event those rights are compromised.

All this means we understand that organisations are increasing exposed to the risks of being the victim of a cybersecurity or other data protection breach that could lead to being fined for failing to comply with data protection law, suffering a significant loss of reputation and sued for compensation. We also understand and can show you what must be done to minimise this risks.


We offer advice that is sensible and practical, training that inspires people to think and care, consultancy that adds value and audits that reduce risk. For more information see here.

We also host Data Club, a forum aimed to providing an opportunity for businesses to meet, learn about and discuss data protection news, issues, developments and risk management initiatives.


We help SMEs, professional firms,  charities, trusts and other organisations that operate  in the not-for profit sector, public bodies and educational establishments. For more information about how we have been able to help our clients, see here.


Our Chief Executive, Robert Wassall has over 30 years experience as a lawyer.

Robert has advised local, regional and some well-known ‘high street’ businesses about their obligations and responsibilities under data protection law, including about transferring personal data overseas. He advises on and drafts data protection-related clauses in commercial contracts, data protection policies, privacy notices and protocols. 

Robert has presented ‘Leaders Briefings‘ to executive teams to help them formulate their organisation’s approach to information governance and presented many lively and interactive seminars and workshops.

Robert  is the founder of ‘Data Club‘, a forum aimed to providing an opportunity for businesses to meet and discuss data protection news, issues, developments and risk management initiatives.


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