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Request access to our Proprietary easy-to-use portal consisting of simple questions segmented into logical sections. Once completed, the responses will be assessed and a detailed report will be produced identifying current compliance failures and immediate risks to your business. This will then be verified by a UK Data Protection Solicitor.

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Are you ready for the GDPR? 25 May 2018


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How business is preparing for GDPR

As the 25th May 2018 edges closer, more and more businesses are thinking about what they need to do to prepare for GDPR.  Just in the last few weeks, I have been invited to speak to numerous events on exactly this topic. I thought it would make interesting reading to share the questions that I
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Great Practical Advice in an Informal Style
Data protection is a one of those daunting compliance matters that every organisation has to get absolutely right. That means much more than just having policies and procedures in place; it’s also about embedding in everyone’s thinking the need to protect people’s privacy and rolling that out through the organisation. This can be especially challenging if you deal with vulnerable adults as we do. “Robert absolutely knows his stuff and provides great practical advice in an informal style that anyone can understand and relate to.” “I used Robert to carry out a data protection audit, part of which involved him walking around our sites, observing what we did and talking with staff. He identified several issues including our use of CCTV that resulted in an action plan for our organisation.” “Our next forays with Robert will be at one of our board days and to deliver staff training. I’m actually looking forward to these sessions and I am very happy to recommend Robert to any organisation keen to ensure they understand and comply with their obligations and responsibilities under data protection law.